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Formula 1


 n°6 - Christian Guilié - Arletty II

Racer Arletty II


The Arletty II racer was completely designed and built by Christian Guilié between 2003 and 2009. The airplane is almost entirely built in composites, with only the wing spar made of wood. The fuselage is a monocoque sandwich structure (Airex foam/glass-epoxy). The wing, made of fiberglass as well, uses a laminar flow airfoil.

Building the Arletty II racer
Flight tests and first races of the Arletty II (in French)


Characteristics of the airplane:

Engine : Continental O-200A
Empty weight : 244 kg
Maximum speed : 450 km/h



n°25  - Bernard Marichy - Busard



Built by Bernard Marichy between 1980 and 1995 on the Chambéry air force base, and then on the Toulouse-Francazal air force base, this Busard is powered by a Continental C-90-8F engine, of only 90hp. This aiplane is often seen at airshows in South-Western France. The addition of wheel fairings for the 2005 races has allowed an increase of the top speed of some 15 km/h.

Bernard Marichy is an aircraft engineer on the A350XWB n°001 at Airbus, after a 20-year career in the French Air Force (Armée de l'Air) maintaining Alouette II, Alouette III, Puma, Super Puma and Ecureuil helicopters, and then the Jaguar jets. For more than thirty years, he has been building, restoring, repairing and maintaining light aircraft, both modern and classic.


Characteristics of the airplane:

Engine : Continental C-90-8F
Empty weight : 300 kg
Wingspan : 6,30 m
Maximum speed : 300 km/h


 n°31  - Guy Chéreau - Cassutt IIIM 


Built in 1981 by Michel Wiscart and first flown by Don Beck (an American pilot) in Issoire, France in 1982, he finished at second place at a speed of 297.729 km/h. Michel Wiscart flew it for several years, before selling it to Jean Gavelle. At Meaux in 1993, Gavelle finished at fourth place of the Grand Prix at a speed of 334.679 km/h. Guy Chéreau bought the racer in 2003 and flew it for the first time at the Grand Prix de France in St Flour where he ranked 5th at 282.832 km/h.





 n°46  - Vincent Martinez - Cassutt IIIM "Aquilon"



After having seen the Reno Air Races in 1992, Vincent came back to France with the firm intention to build and fly a Formula 1 racer. It took him five years, during which William Lobet was of significant help. The fuselage truss was bought from the US (AERONAUTIC COMPANY). The first version of the airplane, dubbed 'Le bombardier' ('The bomber') had a standard rectangular wing, and was painted red with yellow markings. Its first race was in England, at Leicester on September 06th, 1998 where it ranked 3rd. At Wight on July 3rd, 1999, he ranked 1st palce, in Issoire on September 5th, 1999, he finished 2nd. At the French Championship in Angoulème on September 26th, 1999, Vincent finished at 1st place. The next year still at the French Championsip in Angoulème on May 8th, 2000, he finishes at 3rd place. This record placed him first at the general ranking of the Millenium 2000. Vincent took part in the races in St Flour on July 27th, 2002 where he ranked 2nd. Vincent then decided to refurbish the airplane and equip it with a new tapered wing. First used at the French Championship in St Flour on August 24th, 2003, the new version has given full satisfaction. The airplace is now red with white wings and markings, and renamed 'Aquilon'.



n°72 - David Truchot - Cassutt IIIM




The building of the airplane was begun by Christian Crouzel, and then continued in 2002 by David Truchot. In 2004, the airframe was modified to reduce weight and improve aerodynamics: new canopy, new wing ("Sport" wing replaced y a "Racing" wing).


Characteristics of the airplane:

Engine : Rolls-Royce O-200A
Wingspan : 4,57 m
Empty weight : 300 kg
Cruise speed : 310 km/h


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